The Dreamer and the Warrior

Summer 1220

The death of Poul

Ile de Pomègues
Aestas, anno domini 1220

Salvete dominus,

I hope this missive finds you in good health and of sound mind.

As requested; we have conducted an investigation into the untimely death of the troubadour known as Poul, a long time associate of Coenobium.

Through our investigations we learned that another practitioner of the minstrel’s art, one Baldwin also a resident of the same village, had perished under vexing circumstances and that his daughter was missing. What tied these incidents together was one “Bartholomeus”, he himself a musician and possible protégé of the late Baldwin.

Once confronted “Bartholomeus” produced a bone flute, now in our possession, and effected several mystical effects through its manipulation. He proved somewhat resistant to the hermtic arts, but it did him no good and his life was ended by my blade!

at this point Valerius goes into a technical description and speculation on the possible type and nature of the “magic” controlled by Bartholomeus hinting of a possible diabolic link…

Therefore; it is with some urgency that we await your counsel on the matter of the flute, as it is origins are of an obvious sinister nature.

Servus tuus,
Valerius Hostes fili Faustus ex Flambeau


JohanJacobsen Absalon

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