It is a time of turmoil. The lands of Langeduoc are invaded by crusaders hunting Cathar heretics and conquering the lands of those who support them. The inhabitants of Provence have so far escaped the wrath of the church as Cathars are few and far between. But the Counts of Provence intend to establish control of their domain and undo the forced vassalage to The Catalan king and the Holy Roman Emperor. All the while the Counts of Toulouse attempt to capture all land west of the river Rhône.
It is a time of turmoil…a time of war.


_These are the adventures of four young magi sent to establish a covenant on a small island of the coast of Marseilles. From here they must recapture lost sites, explore new coasts and act as agents for their sponsors at Coenobium.
Will they in time become full members of the Coenobium or perhaps gain their independence?
And can they manage to avoid becoming entangled in the war?


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